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Thank you for purchasing a Maxus Outboard Motor. Maxus offers you the most advanced and affordable outboard on the market today. Maxus Outboards will help you get on the water because of their Reliability, Efficiency, Affordability, and Low maintenance.

Below are recommendations from us to help you and your family, maintain and run your outboard safely and efficiently.

Before First Use

Read the Operators Manual to fully understand your Maxus Outboard motor.

Take the time to give your engine a good visual inspection and familiarise your self with its components. Ensure everything is in place - you have the safety lanyard and or key and fuel tank and fuel hose.

When fitting to your boat ensure you follow the instructions in the operators manual, paying special attention to the height your motor is mounted. Too high or too low will be both dangerous when operating as well as possibly damaging to your new outboard. If the engine is to be bolted on, make sure it is fitted by someone experienced in marine engine fitting.

Do not use any Ethanol or Ethanol blend fuel. Marine engines are not yet compatible with Ethanol blended fuels.

If using a Maxus 4 Stroke outboard, ensure there is the correct amount of engine oil in the sump. All Maxus Outboards have oil level indicators.

If any issues or questions feel free to contact your closest Maxus Dealership.

First Day Out

Read and understand the Operators Manual fully and run in the engine to the Operators Manual requirements.

You should not plan a long distance run on the first outing. Use this outing to run in the engine as described in the Operators Manual and to get familiar with it - preferably in an enclosed or sheltered area.

Cleaning After Use

Wash down the engine exterior with fresh water or a mild marine rated detergent. Stand the engine upright to ensure all water drains completely from the engine. Wipe the engine down - including under the hood. Inspect water inlets and propeller for any debris that may have been collected during use. Spray marine approved moisture expeller and anti corrosion spray around the engine to prolong life and reduce corrosion issues. Maxus recommend Inox (with Lanolin).

Preventative Maintenance for your Outboard Motor

Be sure to follow the Service Schedule in your service and warranty book and regularly spray the engine with a spray such as Inox with Lanolin, "Lanolin is a excellect protect for your outboard". After use, run in a flusherbag or use an approved flushing device. Maxus recomend using a "Flusher Bag" available at most BCF and SuperCheap Auto outlets.

Outboard Scheduled Servicing

Read the Operators Manual fully and discuss servicing schedule with your dealer.

Two Stroke Outboard Motor Fuel Mix Chart



Recommended Oils

Maxus recommends you only use quality Marine Grade oils in your engine. Please consult with your Maxusdealership or Operators Manual to ensure you use the correct lubricant.

Propellers and Impellers

Yamaha Outboards and Tohatsu Outboards can interchange propellers and impellers with Maxus Outboards as well as many more outboard motor parts.